Baltic Amber Legends, Folklore and Myths

Amber jewelries are the perfect gift. Who has the courage to resist its charm and beauty, but amber is not just all about charm and beauty. It has healing powers, a diverse history older than humanity. This is why, many beliefs and myths are founded through it. Amber is mysterious, full of historical importance, captivating beauty and its entirety is not well understood. Before even the existence of men, amber stones are in the process of fossilization. When man first encountered amber, he was amazed with its beauty, knowing that something like this is a gift from the gods. The fossilized inclusions in each and every amber stones give man the ability to glimpse into the past. Amber stones are the only gemstones known to have preserved “time” inside it. It has preserved little pictures of how the past have might look like. Trapping inside it little insects, animals, leaves and even feathers.

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Paganism and Amber
Ever since, Amber stones are known to have magical and healing value. Even during the ancient time, pagans have used amber stones to cleanse negative energies. For this religion, amber signifies the fire element and the power of the sun. Man, have used it for his religion, to symbolize something that man is not well-equipped to understand yet. During this time that man discovered its healing capabilities. They use amber stones for alchemy, healing and for worshiping.

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Metaphysical Properties

For metaphysics, amber is a known gem that absorbs negative energy which is transmuted to positive ones. It is believed that amber releases bright and “sunny” and soothing energy towards whoever wears it. Because of this, many have worn it to calm their “nerves” and feel more relaxed. Through metaphysics, amber stones are used to open certain chakra points to reach certain universal truths and wisdom. One of these chakra points is the crown chakra, by opening this chakra point, it is believed that it helps in achieving the feeling of unconditional love and reaching desired physical reality.
Amber as an ancient medicine

Amber have long been used for its medicinal value. In the past, amber stones are grind and are taken orally as an elixir. Its function is comparable to what we call antibiotics now. In the past, it was used to cure goiter and jaundice. It was also used to cure sickness related to the bladder and the kidneys. Amber is now known to contain succinic acid, a chemical known to fight free radicals that causes cancer. It is also used for its oils for physical therapy. It is also known to be a key ingredient in some oral medications that are manufactured nowadays.

The rich history of amber

Amber since it was known to man was used for different purposes. Some ancient pre-Christian civilizations have used amber as a form of currency and was sometimes referred to as the gold of the north. Some civilizations which used amber as a form of currency and for worship are: Assyrians, Egyptians, Etruscans, Greeks, and Phoenicians. Then, came the Romans. When the Romans begin to understand the importance of amber they have conquered amber producing areas to gain control of its mining and production. During medieval times certain knight orders have controlled the production and mining of amber. During this time, the possession of amber without authorization was punishable of death.

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Amber’s Physical characteristics

Baltic Amber are commonly in golden and yellow tones, but other colors are not uncommon. It’s soft and nature and can easily be scratched. Today, amber pieces are used for jewelries that are set on different metal types including gold, silver and platinum. It is also widely used today for decorative purposes. It is also a key ingredient in making perfumes and incense sticks for the smell that it releases. In Germany, it is dubbed as a burning stone. It is widely used for its oils as well for therapeutic purposes.
Its value to humankind is definitely unquestionable, creating a wide array of uses for the benefits of everyone. Amber is definitely a gemstone that have created and helped humankind to survive when advanced Science was not yet widely known, therefore it must be treated with utmost respect.



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