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Amber stones with trapped insects

Millions years ago when amber was still tree sap, various insects such as flies or spiders were occasionally trapped in the substance and eventually got stuck inside the hardened mass of what is now called amber. Here are some pictures of Amber stones with insects. The stones are very small, roughly 2 x 2 cm in diameter, but using a magnifying glass or microscope camera you can see the trapped insects very clearly.

isect stuck in amber stone

amber fossil with trapped insect

fly spider in amebr stone

fly insect in amber stone



amber stone with inclusion


Cheri Wilhelm from SCAM

Lately we have fulfilled a large order placed by a customer Cheri Wilhelm from Canada. The shipment has been dispatched with a tracking number RN135136942LT on 2nd December. But two weeks later the customer started emailing us and complaining about the shipment not received. We replied that December is the busiest month of the year, so of course some delays can occur. Suddenly she opened PayPal claim and it seized the amount paid. The real big problem is that Canada post starting this October has stopped tracing inbound international shipments and we can only fill a claim at our postal services to get the proof of the delivery. Canada Post only displays such a message:

Cheri Wilhelm-Canada-Aromapothecare-FRAUD

Cheri Wilhelm
1132 Mason st #2
British Columbia V8T 1A6

PHONE NUMBER: 5103565919

We are waiting for the results of our query to our national carrier and we will publicize the Signature of the recipient to prove that she actually received the goods. For now, PayPal has issued 180$ in favor of Cheri Wilhelm.

I guess that’s all we can do to discourage such shameful actions by very very few customers of ours and warn other online sellers about this person. Especially those who have their own websites or Etsy stores as she also shops on Etsy named as Doubleosoul. Anyone who has been scammed by Cher Wilhelm, please contact us.

Shipping problems November 26-27th

Post.LT (Lithuania Post) is changing the way packages are handled over to the carrier. They are introducing Label printing services and consequently we have to change our orders’ management and fulfillment system to match new criteria. Please be informed that this Thursday-Friday (November 26-27th), we will not do any dispatches for registered Airmail and all the orders will be shipped on Monday morning (Nov 30th).

We’re doing our best, and yet – our sincere apologies about the issue!!!

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