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Thank you for being with us!

  1. Each order that was made on our site or our member's distribution channel has been recorded.
  2. After the shipment confirmation you can check the tracking number of the package by entering your Name and/or Surname in the text field below.
  3. Exact date the package has left the our country can be found HERE, while further tracking will be available on the customer's national postal services website once the package reaches the destination country.
  4. If you did not receive the package in 4 weeks, we would advise all international customers to visit your local post office webpage and check the status of the package. American customers please note, that the message on - "originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece" means that the package is still in transit, i.e. hasn't reached USPS sorting facility in United States.
  5. All personal information is automatically removed 60 days after the order was placed.