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In the countries of South-East Coast of Baltic Sea there are numerous small companies and professional craftsmen who design and produce outstanding amber jewelry. Their parents, grandparents have been refining Baltic amber for centuries. There are also a few large companies that sometimes have manufacturing facilities in East Asia employing hundreds of people Such companies have the resources to position themselves as the major suppliers of amber products to jewelry store networks and large outlets. Meanwhile smaller players have a very hard time seeking to reach the end customer. So what is the alternative? We believe it is cooperation.

Amber for Everyone


We are a group of Baltic Amber jewelry manufacturers located in Lithuania, Poland and Latvia. Our union was called Amber Pieces due to its concept. Just like unique pieces of amber are combined to form a necklace, we interconnect to provide a final product - gates for direct trade between a buyer and manufacturer. This is the right place for any amber lover to find the desired jewelry.

We believe in simple idea: (Extensive range of products × Competitive pricing) + The Internet = Amber for Everyone

That's what we're all about. If you're interested, read on for some background of our business.


AmberPieces is a big idea built of a lot of little pieces

You no longer have to travel to Poland, Lithuania or Russia in order to purchase amber jewelry - it only takes several mouse clicks. The way we see current situation, practically all online retailers offer amber jewelry stating that they represent traditional and very old family businesses or that a customer will make a purchase directly from manufacturer. In majority of the cases it is completely untrue. First of all, one person, family or even a company cannot produce a full range of products. Nowadays without specialization such business cannot be sustained and developed efficiently. Do you know a shop that makes every product by themselves? It might exist, but the prices would be outrageous and most important of all - product designs will be very similar. Thus tags and slogans like "directly from a manufacturer" usually is just a marketing trick or a sign of inefficiency.


little pieces

All the members of Amber Pieces specialize in certain group of products. For example, some of us are experts in bracelets, specific necklaces, rounded beads, green amber, chokers, earrings, while others specialize in rosaries, amber pictures, carvings, amber stones, inclusions or souvenirs. Majority of our members can be easily contacted as they have their own websites, online catalogs, entries in the member lists of International jewelry fairs and most of us even have our own web and eBay stores. Amber Pieces is not designed to intermediate; its goal is an extensive range of products in one place directly from a manufacturer for the best price.

We do not limit ourselves by working only with closed circle of members; we are always looking for new designs and are open for new partnerships. Only by cooperating we can offer value to the customer. Come and join us!

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