Are you running a jewelry business, have a small shop or want to try trading Baltic Amber jewelry and crafts?



Amber Pieces can become not just an occasional stop, but a regular supplier of Baltic Amber Jewelry. We price our products at the lowest levels and keep on decreasing profit margins further because we seek volume, which would reward our customers and us equally. Amber prices have risen over three hundred percent during the last two years and some items got extremely expensive. We understand the reasons behind it and try to offer such luxurious pieces as well, but majority of our inventory are items priced below 20$ threshold. Still, we regularly receive emails with questions and inquiries about direct deals and rebates. Of course the arguments stated makes sense - those who spend more and seek further cooperation should be entitled to special pricing. So we worked to setup a simple and automatic system for discounts that is displayed in the table below.

Discount levels

Baltic Amber Sale Disounts

Order Total will be adjusted automatically to all the customers during the Checkout process. Nevertheless, some of our most loyal customers have reached a level which triggers a Gold Member Status and they are provided with an Extra 3% discount coupon for orders over 1000$. Have we mentioned that we charge no extra costs for packaging and still cover over 20% of shipping costs in order to keep the clear pricing and indirectly make you purchase more Amber? Yes, we are so sneaky.


* Orders that weigh more than 2 kilo will be shipped in several packages


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