Rare exquisite amber carved elephant statue adornment Amber is a semi-precious stone made from fossilized tree resin and organic residuals in a process that lasted for over 50 million years. Craftsmen and artisans find this stone very appealing, because it is flexible and easy to work with.

When it comes to carving amber, it is ideal for compact carvings only, due to its fragility and heat sensitivity. Amber collects static electricity, so it is found in an ongoing metamorphosis process. The unfortunate thing is that carving amber with large collections of static energy can cause cracks to the new product when polishing, so it is highly recommended to do this in small steps. Valuable pieces such as those with insects and organic inclusions require a lot more time in removing the material by hand with files and sandpaper.

The good part is that you can have increased control of the stone surface and it is easier to deal with heat scars. A good sandpaper ideal for using in carving amber is silicon carbide paper. You can start for example with a coarse grade like 180 and then proceed to 220 and later on to 600. Don’t forget to remove any trace of coarser compound before doing the sanding. Use wet-or-dry sandpaper because it will load up less in the finer grits.

amber carvingAlso important is not to rush the process of stone polishing, because pieces of amber carvings can easily fly apart. So in order to avoid a build-up of heat and to rest a bit your eyes, it is best to take short breaks from crafting the amber piece. The polishing of amber stones can also be done using a tripoli compound gently and carefully rubbed with a piece of cloth or leather. Crevices will not be a problem, because they can be polished using an appropriately shaped stick. A professional high polish can be achieved with white rouge or proprietary compounds used for plastic.

Carving amber has been an activity since ancient times using different methods. The easiest one is by far is removing the material with a sharp carbide bur in a flexible shaft tool. It is preferable to use a new one and not used ones. Another way used in carving amber is the COARSE RIFFLERS made from metal removal. When drilling and piercing amber pieces, it is best to go slowly with care and use some industrial lubrication. Amber also erodes cleanly before it starts burning, following a gummy and opaque look. If it turns gummy before burning, it’s a sign of fakeness, so it is best to opt for natural amber stones.

These are the points to remember before engaging in carving amber activities.



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