amber intaglios and cameosThroughout history and time, people have used amber in almost any kind of creative artwork possible. Amber intaglios and cameos are one of the best examples of such creativity.

For those who do not know, intaglios are basically art works with incised pictures, similar to amber engravings. They are made on the backs of transparent lenses and tiles. On the other hand, cameos are more of a raised design. Both of them can portray faces, images of animals or even mythological scenes.

Amber intaglios and cameos can be made in stones that have dual colors, usually found among different types of amber stones. These two-color stones are great material for artisans and artists due to the fact that the craftsmen can obtain a multi-layered effect with a light bas-relief placed on a dark background.

Amber intaglios and cameos created in this manner turn into miniature works of art. They are unique, fine and exclusive jewelry items. The creation of amber intaglios and cameos is a delicate process that requires skillful knowledge of the structure of this brittle material.

amber intaglios and cameos2The use of tools on the material has to be delicate. And of course, the artist needs an extremely precise and expert eye for the perfect nugget. Important positions are held by objects originating from old traditions such as amber necklaces and pendants, amber bracelets and rings.

Jewelry standards are constantly increasing and the amber jewelry industry is part of a constantly modernized circle. For example, each necklace's beauty and uniqueness may be the result of precise surface finishing. The uniformity of color in each nugget influences the jewelry's beauty. Shapes and multi-layer cuts showing special light plays of the amber stone contribute to the very uniqueness of each piece. These details also apply to bracelets and rings or amber pendants.

So it is important to know that the more variety the amber intaglios and cameos show, the more the jewelry pieces become appreciated by the buyer.



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