amberAmber oil is considered to be one of the most priceless possessions and one of the most valued extracts of pure natural Baltic amber.

It is considered to be something of a fortune for those who know where to find it. It is also extremely easy to prepare if you are short on time. Amber oil applied on skin has miraculous effects and it has been highly prized by Europeans for thousands of years. Used on skin, it has a regenerating effect and is one of the earliest treatments used in anti-aging techniques. Amber cures usually include amber oil recipes.

amber_oilAmber oil is made using pure natural Baltic amber as a basic ingredient. The amber is heated in a closed container, free of oxygen, which helps to ensure the amber does not burn. The process itself is known as dry distillation, and is easily done on the stove in cottages. The most common geographical locations where amber oil is created include the Eastern European zones along the Baltic Coasts where amber is found in abundant proportions.

When the amber is heated and not burnt, it can break down into three substances: amber acid, amber oil or amber rosin. Every product obtained in this manner is priceless and valuable in its own way. For example, the value of the sum of these three products is much higher than the raw amber used in their creation.

A fast way to distill the oil out of the amber is considered to be using amber powder. If you first make amber powder and distill it the process is quicker due to the large surface areas. And it is important to use only raw, pure and natural Baltic amber. Either way, the process of making amber oil is easy and the product is extremely beneficial for skin, different types of cures and certain treatments.



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