amber magic propertiesAmber is a fascinating semi-precious stone used in jewelry making, treatments, cures, ornaments, art and many more. Amber properties are extremely beneficial to people around the world, this being the main reason why people want to make the best of it.

Amber is warm to the touch and when held in the hands it gives out a relaxing faint scent of tree resin. It is also the only fossilized resin that contains up to eight per cent succinic acid, commonly known as amber acid. This acid is practically a multipurpose substance very efficient when used in a therapeutic manner. The majority of this substance is located in the amber cortex and in its surface layers.

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Amber properties also include color variety. Amber can be found in various colors such as yellowish-brown, blue, green, red, black, white or clear. Some of these colors are very rare, while others are very common. The color of each amber stone also decides the stone's price and value. Other physical amber properties include the fact that it sinks in fresh clear water but floats on the surface of salt water, making it very easy to determine if the amber gemstone is fake or real. In general, amber has a density oscillating between 0.96g/cm3 and 1.096g/cm3. When it interacts with fire, amber burns and generates a pleasant resinous smell and an aromatic smoke used as incense in Christian churches. Plinus once said that "amber shavings immersed in olive oil burn lighter and longer than linen fiber" and we can definitely agree with him on that. amber

Other amber properties include the fact that amber electrifies negatively, meaning it is "alive", as its inner transformations are still active and in a continuous metamorphosis. It also has a hardness measuring between 2.0 and 2.5 on the Mohs scale.

Amber has been used as an antibiotic since ancient times, when it would heal cuts and ease the pain of wounds.. Later on, modern medicine would use this fossilized resin in order to develop cut healing balms, wound dressing plasters and others. Today, it is used in the composition of other treatments and in aroma therapies.

Myterious amber properties are the reason why amber is so useful and wonderful, and why humanity has managed to make the best of it by using it in different ways to ease our lives and make them more beautiful.



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