Assemble Amber Jewelry1 If you feel like being creative, it is not difficult to assemble your own amber jewelry.

Amber is extremely flexible, with translucency features and other characteristics similar to other gems, so it makes for an excellent jewelry material.

The stone's composition can bring the light in or reflect it out, and the impurities give the amber uniqueness and that fresh look that everyone loves. Impurities also make the price of each amber piece. The more impurities and inclusions of plants, insects and other organic material, the pricier the amber stone is. Knowing all that, you can start following these steps on how to assemble your own amber jewelry.

Assemble Amber Jewelry2Step 1: Finding amber. Find the best prices and the best areas where amber is commonly found, for example the Baltic Sea coast or the Kaliningrad mines. Once this is done, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Deciding the type of jewelry you would like to create. Amber can be used in the making of pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches and other types of jewelry. The sooner you decide on what type of jewelry you want to create, the better it is. It is also recommended that you estimate the size of the amber piece before going into the creation process.

Step 3: Attaching the amber. Complete all the steps above and prepare all other materials, such as wires or leather strings. Once you have the perfect amber piece, it is up to you to decide which materials to combine. You can drill the stone and create holes from the wires, although this is not advisable because it can cause fractures in the stone and damage it. Or you can encase it with a wire mesh or leather cradle. Either way, it is entirely up to you to decide.

Assemble Amber Jewelry3Let us say you also completed this step. What is next depends on you. You can leave the jewelry created as it is or you can add more to its beauty. You can keep it, sell it or offer it as a gift to a dear friend.. Either way, if you want your jewelry to stand out or to help start a conversation, here is a final step.

Step 4: adding adornments to the final creation. When you assemble your own amber jewelry, you can also add glass beads or other elements bought from craft stores or artisans. The tricky part is in deciding if these adornments will make your amber jewelry stand out or not. It is recommended that you use complementary colors that suit the common yellowish-brown amber look. Always keep in mind these simple four steps in how to assemble your own amber jewelry. They are important, because they can simplify the creation process for anyone fond of handmade jewelry.



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