Granulated_Amber_PowderAmber powder is a derivative made from pure natural Baltic amber and it is considered one of nature's most prized cures.

The reason for that is the succinic acid, also known in common terms as amber acid. There are proven records of it being a very effective cure.

Modern medicine has also discovered the benefits of amber powder. Doctors spotted some effective therapeutic results by using it in remedies. In a chain of experimental settings, amber powder was used on a variety of patients, each with different complaints and pains.

For example, it was applied on patients who suffered from headaches, spinal pains, problems with their thyroid gland, chest pain and even limb complaints. Amber powder showed visible and noticeable results when applied to the face.

amber piecesA general use of amber powder is in herbal medications, which call for the tremendous benefits of the natural Baltic amber.

If you wonder why Baltic amber, the answer is simple: it is the only type of amber which has a remarkably high level of succinic acid, otherwise known as amber acid. It is also the only medically active ingredient.

Amber powder is universally used in both medical and cosmetic procedures. For example, it is an effective scrub when combined with shower gels. It is also used in hair growth treatments; to be more precise, dry powder helps in hair regeneration when massaged into the scalp. Mixing it with natural oils will have great results on body and skin. It is also recommended in body massage therapies.

But people also use it in Eastern European homes as an efficient anti-hangover treatment. A pinch of amber powder downed with a glass of beer is the most effective way to get past the after effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

People find it extremely economical, so amber powder is usually made by crushing raw amber using a mortar and a pestle. You can do it yourself at home or buy it in an alternative medicine store in Europe.

Either way, amber powder is great for treatment and therapies, massage sessions, hair growth, a healthy skin and for just about anything else that involves our health and well being.



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"Dear Olga, I am sorry, but we do not have such knowledge. We only sell amber powder which is made of grounded Baltic amber pieces."

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"Hi , i would like to buy amber powder for holistic and beauty treatments. Would you be able suggest proportions to add for body polish treatments and for face mask treatment. Many thanks , Olga"

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"Hi Kat, just click here -"

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"I would like to buy some amber powder. Can i buy it from you?"

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"I am interested in buying amber Powder from you. Whats is the price for one kilo?"

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"I require 1 kilo of raw or powdered amber to be used to make varnish. Please advise with pricing."

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