First of all it should be noted that a large amount of Amber stones can be found underwater, due to rivers that carried the resin into oceans, seas and other water supplies. A significant amount of amber stone is found underground, as a result of ground modifications, earthquakes, natural disasters and climate changes. Amber powder was used to fumigate people's homes. It also saved a lot of people during the time of the bubonic plague, an epidemic that killed a significant proportion of Europe's inhabitants. Amber jewelry was used to cure headaches, back pains, arthritis, rheumatism and fatigue. It is said that

Martin Luther carried amber stones in his pocket as a pain reliever. Not only Europeans used amber in medicine, but also Egyptians. An interesting fact is that Egyptians placed amber stones under the skin of their mummies, as they believed in its power of preventing decay or destruction.

big amber stonesOther ancient civilizations such as the Romans and Greeks believed the stones had magical powers. Hippocrates himself mentioned the benefits of amber in his early writings. The Greeks saw amber not only as a medicinal stone, but also as a symbol of social status, beauty, power and influence. The Chinese used to bury amber in the ground during their traditional festivals, honoring both hosts and guests." It is also fascinating how amber reacts when combined with other chemicals and how the reaction benefits the human body. For example, balms and amber infusions, combined with alcohol, were highly recommended for external use. Concoctions containing amber stones as a main ingredient were used for heart disorders, respiratory complaints such as asthma and bronchitis, and blood circulation problems for both young and old.

Above all, amber is used in jewelry and art. Craftsmen and jewelers are fascinated with the flexibility of this stone and its beautiful warm composition. Amber stones are mysterious gems, always alive and constantly changing, similar in a way to our human existence.  



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