Amber AromatheraphyPeople have been using amber aromatherapy in their therapies and rituals to cure diseases and epidemics since ancient times. As you will see, amber is not only used for art or jewelry, but is also considered an important healing stone, a natural analgesic for pain in the internal organs. Amber worn directly on human skin generates a chemical reaction which frees oil into the human body and improves the bloodstream.

Amber Aromatherapy uses amber as the main ingredient. It is frequently practiced in Eastern Europe, using natural stones from the Baltic coast.

The amber stone has a history of over 50 million years and a proven track record as a natural medicine, extremely valuable in curing illnesses, pains, complaints and disorders. Its listing as top of the six most effective natural medicines goes way back to the year 1193. During the Middle Ages, amber aromatherapy cured and saved a significant number of people from death, including from the bubonic plague. Europeans were among the first to recognize and credit amber's miraculous benefits for both mental and physical well being. They were also among the first civilizations to have used amber resin in their own homes. A common use of amber was to burn it and fumigate the rooms, letting its smoke fill the entire house.

Amber resinsAmber has a warm and exotic fragrance and when heated it fills the entire room with a subtle euphoric aroma. There is no such thing as amber essential oil, but rather an extract of various tree resins, found in both solid and semi-solid formula. The amber oil generated varies in aroma and quality. It is obtained as a result of combining beeswax with essential oils and carriers.

Amber aromatherapy focuses on burning amber resin along with amber oil.. The secret is to blend amber powder with sunflower oil, wood oil and other exotic oils. Sometimes pieces of amber can also be added in the blending. The other oils will enhance the amber in the oil itself.

Amber aromatherapy, when properly prepared and applied, has intense psychological effects used in altering brain waves, increasing sensual pleasure, heart energy and positive vibes. Amber resin found in ancient times, both underwater and underground, can be refined into a strong pleasant aroma. Different colored amber generates different perfumes and aromas used in aromatherapy. A mix of amber stones with different colors has an even more intense perfume, whether fumigated in the room or transformed into oil and used as perfume, mixed for a massage or blended with other essential oils.

Perfumed Oil Sacred Amber ResinNowadays, modern science has finally started to recognize the calming and relaxing effects of amber aromatherapy. Not only that, but also that amber holds important active ingredients, due to the fact that the resin is in a continuous metamorphosis. Science now recognizes the existence of succinic acid, an active ingredient found in amber, which is now in mass production worldwide.

The benefits of amber aromatherapy have been recognized around the world. It is truly a fantastic synergy of botanical and tree resins, with astonishing results in treating heart problems, anxiety and stress, and a really good way for people to keep calmed and relaxed.



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