Natural Baltic Amber Ring Honey color Leather Adjustable SizeBaltic amber is considered to be the world's finest amber, and because people believed it had magical powers, it is only natural that superstitious beliefs developed. Even our ancestral mothers believed that healing amber had special connections with women. Following is a series of superstitions believed by people back in the days.

  1. If you were a woman trying to get pregnant, the best way to do it is to wear amber stones placed low on a belt around the waist or carry them in a pocket to ensure conception.
  2. The small plants and animals trapped inside the amber resin create a direct link between us and the Universal Life Force.
  3. Carve amber stones into shapes such as rabbits, frogs and fish and send them as a gift for those who wish to get pregnant. Apart from amber's ability to help in conception, the combination of these three animals would produce even more offspring.
  4. Amber helps in drawing out the body's negative energy and so the body heals itself by turning it into positive energy that will purify body, soul, heart and spirit.
  5. There are ways to bring luck into your life using amber. Amber stones worn in pockets, purses or around the neck are the perfect good luck charms.
  6. Amber stones help you in making decisions, when they become the hardest thing you have to face. Simply hold one in your hands and place it over your heart. This way, the amber will make your decision process much easier.
  7. Everyone dreams and hopes of a brighter, beautiful future and these dreams come in all shapes and sizes, so it is difficult to make them come true. But dreams can come true if you sleep near amber stones, because they help you in making the correct choices.
  8. Amber has a metaphysical property to attract love in the life of its owner.
  9. A talisman is an artifact charged with positive energies that are transmitted to the wearer. If the talisman contains natural objects with similar powers, then it becomes extremely powerful and strong. So because people have empowered amber stones since ancient times, the gem can be used as a protective talisman.
  10. Since ancient times, wearing a string of amber beads around the neck has brought inner peace and a sunny disposition to the wearer. So if you see someone wearing this sunshine-frozen-in-time stone who is always bright and cheerful, even in the darkest of days, you know the reason for her sunny disposition.
  11. Egyptians used amber for protecting their dead against destruction and decay. Amulets made of amber were placed inside the mummy's tomb in order to offer protection in the afterlife.
  12. You can make your own beauty elixir by simply soaking an amber stone in a glass of water and leaving it overnight in the moonlight, then use it to wash your face or in other skin products.
  13. Back in the early times, doctors suggested to their patients that they should take a small amber piece internally to cure headaches, heart problems and arthritis.
  14. While performing meditation for improving significant life aspects, place an amber stone on top of your head. This helps cleanse the crown chakra and adds extra concentration, making you get the most from your meditation.
  15. The world poisons our mind, body and soul with negative energies. It is everywhere: where we eat, sleep, work. It is in hundreds of machines and equipment that give off radiation doses, so this is why our bodies are so weak. In order to detoxify the body and remove negative energies, try passing large amber stones through a person's aura or sleep with amber stones at night and receive their energy.
  16. Whenever you have the opportunity, take 3 to 5 minutes and hold an amber stone to your solar plexus chakra. This helps in balancing both body and soul and eases your mind, bringing clarity.
  17. Knee and joint problems are very often encountered in America, but amber stones can relieve the pain. Simply wrap the knee with a bandage and place a few amber stones under, close to the skin. Amber has healing properties, so the pain will go away.
  18. If you have had a bad, exhausting day, prepare a warm bath, place a couple of amber stones in the bath tub and simply sink with them, allowing their healing powers to remove stress, tension and fatigue.
  19. During The Middle Ages, amber was used in large amounts in the creation of Rosary Beads.
  20. Amber is also called “sunshine frozen in time”, so when your body turns cold for unknown reasons, simply hold an amber stone in your hand while visualizing its warmth and let it spread throughout your body. You will soon feel much warmer.
  21. If you have friends or family who are sick, offer them an amber stone as a present. Amber has the ability to connect with the Universal Life Force and so it will help spread healing.



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