Before talking about the healing and mitigating effect of amber jewelry, first are some facts related to what people believe about amber.

  1. Authentic Baltic Amber Brooch Flower Mixed colorsThe ancients believed that amber necklaces, rings and bracelets, when worn against the skin, produce massive beneficial effects.
  2. Thyroid illnesses can be healed by wearing amber necklaces close to the body and neck.
  3. Amber acid found in rough natural amber, along with rough amber elements, have stronger beneficial effects on the human body.
  4. Cut and polished amber does not only have beneficial effects, but it is also pleasant to the touch and is easier for the negative electric ionization to be transmitted to the human body.
  5. Some ancient civilizations believed in the amber's power to retain negative energies, providing the wearer protection. For those with a sensitive temperament, amber would ground them to the earth plane.
  6. Some believed that amber purifies the human body, aids the digestive tract and helps the body release toxic fluids.
  7. Avicenna, a famous physician during The Middle Ages, believed in the effectiveness of Baltic amber and wrote that amber necklaces are beneficial in the treatment of goiters, an advance state of thyroid illness, where the neck swells.
  8. Albert Bogdasarov, a Belorussian mineralogist, recommends amber necklaces for children in areas of high radiation values caused by the Chernobyl disaster.

So here you have 8 facts about people's beliefs and discoveries related to the healing and mitigating effect of amber jewelry. Let's move on to other findings and amber researches.

People started discovering that amber had certain medicinal properties, the earliest accounts of these discovering dating from Hippocrates' time: 460-377 BC. Hippocrates, also known as the father of medicine, was the first to mention them in a written source. Later on Pliny the Elder also wrote about amber's medical properties in his works.

Fine Baltic Amber Necklace Callistratus is another ancient writer who stated that amber necklaces worn around the neck relieves the wearer's pains, such as severe head, neck and throat complaints. Amber bracelets were used in healing rheumatism, arthritis, general weariness and fatigue. Similar effects were achieved not only by wearing amber, but also by rubbing it on the body. Creams and concoctions with amber as the main ingredient were used as a remedy in respiratory system complaints such as asthma and bronchitis or in blood circulation and heart problems.

In 19th century literature and in Haczewski's works we find proof that amber was used for all illnesses and it became one of the six most efficient medical substances and the only stone with such great use in medicine.

Today, there is an increasing trend suggesting that everything natural is beneficial for the human body. Homeopathic chemists use amber as a main ingredient in their medicines and the cosmetic industry supports the use of amber in creams, tonics and treatments easily absorbed into the human skin.



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