Amber stone colors vary one from another. Contrary to common belief, the amber stones used in jewelry do not only have a natural yellowish color. Basically, amber already comes in different natural colors, and there is no need for jewelers to treat the stones artificially in order to create colorful jewelry.

Amber stone colors are influenced by the environment, water, soil and resin. Climate changes and chemical reactions or residuals trapped inside the tree resin contribute to the color palette of amber as well.

Green AmberGreen Amber jewelry is made using green amber stones, which are extremely rare. A deep shade of green means the amber stone is very rare and it is worth a lot more than the common amber color. Treated with heat, the green amber stone draws out an even more vivid beautiful green hue. Related to this color, there are also light-green and yellow-green amber stones, which of course tend to be less prized.

Even harder to find than green is the Blue Amber stone, which is rarely used in making Amber jewelry. Even though the stone appears blue under one type of light, under others it can look similar to a standard yellowish amber. But combined with the right jewelry and metal, blue amber jewelry can really be unique and become one of the most interesting and wonderful amber stones that can ever exist.

There is also the white-colored amber with milky-white hues. These white amber stones are extremely appreciated among jewelers around the world, even though it is not as popular as other colors. It is extremely hard to find pure white amber stones and most of them contain impurities. Altogether, white amber stones account for less than 2% of the global amber supply.

Amber Colored GemstoneRed amber stones are as rare as blue ones, yet more commonly used in amber jewelry. The colors are vivid and extraordinary in deep, eye-catching hues. There is also brown amber, black amber and clear amber used in the making of amber jewelry. Clear amber is extremely appreciated and prized among jewelers for reasons such as preservation of insects, feathers, prehistoric organisms, bugs and many more. Few clear amber jewelry pieces exist and most of them form the center of attention for amber collectors.

Brown amber stones are similar to standard yellow ones, only darker in terms of hues and tones. They are of course extremely common and inexpensive, but they look great on silver jewelry, adding a rich, deeply defined look.

Amber Colored GemstoneLast but not least, black amber stones are the darkest of all. Statistics show that less than 15% of the global amber stone supply is made of black amber. The dark amber color is the result of the large amount of impurities and plant matter found inside the tree resin. Black amber jewelry is one of the most elegant, deep and impressive forms of amber accessories. Held in poor light, the amber stones look jet black, while held up to the light, black amber gains tones and hues of dark red or dark brown.

With so much color, history, evolution, transformation and warmth, the amber stone colors and amber jewelry itself are a true wonder of nature, a wonder that people treasure and admire.



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"Hi . I want to know the price of the gram for each color in the pictures .I mean the 6 colors ....
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"I want to buy amber color is honey, not a thick alive figured, lenght 5-10 mm, do you have like a this one?I want to buy amber color is honey, not a thick alive figured, lenght 5-10 mm, do you have like a this one? 1000gr how much is money is half ounce? if i like it, i will buy from you all the time."

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